Sunday, August 17, 2008

A little pool fun

Just cuteness...

Birthday Party fun!

So yesterday was Norah's First Birthday party and the day was filled with much fun and excitement. As one might expect there was a lot of chaos, kids everywhere, and it went way too fast. I hardly got time to have a decent conversation with anyone or get pictures of our (adult) guests. Norah did really well with everyone holding her and had fun with all of the kids. She did not seem to care much for the cake which was a little surprising considering she loved the cupcake she had a few weeks ago. We are so glad that so many of our friends were able to make it and were so generous with gifts. Norah made out like a princess! We did not really expect that. We just wanted to celebrate our wonderful daughter who we waited so long for. And an extra special thank you to Liz and Mikey for helping set up and take pictures!! Speaking of pictures...

Handsome Micah

Stacie, Micah was a HIT!! Everyone loved him and told me for hours afterwards how adorable he was. BTW, I have your sippy cup. ;-)
Cousin Liam
Cousins Liam and Aiden covered in Cheetos.
The Birthday Girl crying....
Beautiful Mallory

So proud of her pear "cuz the trees at my house don't have pears".
Classic Liam finding the lone plane.
Super Max Power. Max was having a blast on the slide and catching some major air but we didn't get any pics of that... or of his parents...
Daddy and Norah.

Darling Greta. Greta weights about as much as Norah and she is only 3 months old. Don't you just want to smush those cheeks!
The birthday cake.
Friends Liz and Mikey.Hollie and Craig.Ashley, Greta and Jess.Karen, Chad and the backside of Gil.Aunt Lauren and the back of Gil again.Come on dad, I am naked here!
Birthday Princess.

You want me to do WHAT with this?!?
She gagged on the icing, never made it to the cake.

And icing hands right before they went in her hair. Note to other parents: Please make sure the baby is completely naked, down to the diaper before doing this and make sure there are 2 people available for the bath afterwards. Carrying a green icinged baby upstairs while wearing a dress and trying to open doors was not so much fun.

All washed up and opening presents.

Cousin Aiden showing Norah her cool new books.
Norah loves paper! She would have been happy with a stack of tissue paper and nothing else.

Norah and Shannon.
Mommy and Norah. The only pic of us together!
Friends Hollie, Craig and Shannon stayed overnight so after the party we were able to relax on our new patio (poured Friday night, nothing like last minute!)
Happy girl.
Can you spot the humming bird?

Then we went on walk to feed the ducks the leftover buns from the party.
Barnabas said we should wait until Norah is 10 before we have our second kid because it sure was nice having Shannon around playing with Norah and she had a blast too.
The perfect end to a beautiful day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday baby girl!

I can't believe my baby is 1 today. She is getting soooo big. We are planning on doing her first spagetti dinner tonight and letting her cover herself from head to toe. I thought she would have more fun with that than if we went out somewhere. I don't know what her school does on birthday's. I hope something fun. I hate not being with her today but neither of us is able to take off work. Anyway, I better go get her dressed! More updates to come later.

We went out for Vietnamese food last weekend in early celebration. She was not in a great mood Saturday so when I asked for a cheese I got a raspberry instead.