Monday, December 1, 2008

Surgery #3. Thanksgiving. Etc.

November kicked off with Norah, 15 months old, and learning to eat candy. One might think... why would that be a good thing? Well, it isn't! But we learned that she will eat fruit flavored things, even if she will not touch actual fruit or juice. Here she is raiding the Halloween leftovers...

Caught in the act!Then pissed when I won't open them for her.

Then on 11/13 she had her 3rd surgery, to separate the fingers on her left hand. All went really well and we did not have to do the daily bandage changes this time around. After the required 11 days of surgical wrap she was free to do as she pleased which was a nice break for everyone.

This time she was a little more aware of what was going on so we opted for the happy juice. She went bonkers by the time we got to the pre-op room and was acting like a complete looney toon.

Meeting with the anesthesiologist again. Yes, she deals with needles.

And this is the front view of her face.... a very very stoned baby.

Then in post-op recovery with mommy.

A little over week later she was back to her happy self.
Thanksgiving was spent with the family of Norah's Aunt Liz & Uncle Mikey, close friends that I went to school with. I was bad with the camera that night and did not take many pics or not many good ones at least. The food was good and we had a fun time playing with Liz's dad on the floor... someone is ready for his own grandaugters to be born! Then at the end of Nov. we did a picture session for Norah's first x-mas card. That was challenging, I must say. We moved all over the house and even tried bribery.... and lo an behold, chocolate got a smile.

I shall not be ashamed that I used bribery... or that my baby loves chocolate. A little treat now and then never killed anyone...Tada! Final photo for those of you that have not already seen this...

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