Sunday, November 9, 2008

A day at the park

Norah, blubbles, park. I am tired. This is my 9th post today. I just can't keep up with the blog. Anyone know of a site that lets you upload more than 5 photos at a time and does not put 40 lines of blank space between each one?

Norah is 15 months now and very busy. She is full on walking all over the place and getting into everything. The dishwasher, the trash, the fridge, the cat food (yeah, she ate that a few times last week) I have to keep a constant eye on her. She throws huge temper tantrums at a whim and then wants snuggles and kisses the next minute. Our most recent victory included getting her to wear and walk in shoes. Woo hoo! Okay, the little things make us happy. It is still amazing to hear her giggling and gibbering around the house. Barnabas and I appreciate every minute of it even if we don't love the screaming. She has surgery #3 this Thursday the 13th to separate the fingers on her left hand. We are anticipating it to go smoothly and for it to be outpatient again.

Adoption #2 is hitting the usual speed bumps. Nothing really exciting to report. We are still trying to get our dossier to ET by years end so that our official wait can start for Norah's sissy.

My favorite pic this month. =) Now it is freezing outside so it will be a while before I can go crazy with the camera again.

Ducks by our house.

Duck butt!

Our friends, the Misfits.


Anonymous said...

You take such beautiful pictures! I guess it's easy when you have such great content. :)
I have a wordpress blog and while at first it can be annoying to upload pics, I found a way to load a whole bunch and then display them as a BIG gallery so people don't have to click on them to see them. I am by NO means an expert, but I'd be happy to tell you the code you need to make pictures bigger!

Stacie said...

Love all the pictures! I can't keep up! I just scrolled through them all - Norah is such a beautiful girl. And, I love her bathing suit from the beach pics - too cute!

If you use Picasa (a free download on google) you could do the pics as a slide show and then embed it. It takes WAY less time!!